Who We Are

About Ruff Life

Ruff Life Animal Rescue was founded in October of 2012, as a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the unnecessary killing of adoptable dogs of the Carolinas. We are strictly a foster based rescue, with hopes of opening up a no-kill shelter, complete with training, grooming and boarding facilities. As of Novembe



Ruff Life saves dogs in danger of euthanasia from North and South Carolina shelters surrounding the Charlotte area.  We place them in approved foster homes until  adoption.  Ruff Life provides necessary veterinary care, including preventatives, vaccinations and spay/neuter.  Due to the overwhelming amount of animals euthanized every day, we rarely accept owner surrenders.  

Adoption Events

As a foster homed based organization, Ruff Life has no facility for our animals to be viewed at.  We rely solely on adoption events at various locations throughout the area for the viewing of our dogs.  These events play a key role into getting our dogs viewed and are also a huge factor in the number of lives we are able to save!  We currently partner with Pet Supplies Plus, Petco and PetSmart for adoption events and are open to learning about other stores interested in building a partnership with Ruff Life!


Ruff Life is proud to be a part of the ASPCA/Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care Control Partnership with the community of Charlotte, the Partnership for Pets Coalition, and Rescue Charlotte!  We are currently working with various shelters on ways to decrease euthanasia rates in high-kill shelters.  We are making progress,  especially in the Charlotte area, but we need help from the entire community to truly make a difference! 


Ruff Life offers low-cost microchipping for $20 with HomeAgain microchips.  If you are interested in getting your pet(s) microchipped, please email info@ruffliferescue.com with the subject "Microchip"


We take every opportunity to educate the public about the benefits of  spay/neuter and vaccinations for prevention of disease. ​